Trekking in Nepal requires a normal level of physical fitness. Unlike mountaineering, trekkers are not exposed to any technical difficulties. The walking time isusually around 5-6h and is planned to give enough time to tourists to visit the region.

Our itineraries are categorized according to the level of difficulty and the walking time. The options are:

  • Easy: Altitude usuallybelow 3500m. 4 to 5h walk per day.
  • Moderate: Altitude up to 3500 - 4000m. Progressive or steep climbing (500 – 700m per day). 5 to 6h walk per day.
  • Strenuous: Altitude up to 5000m. Progressive or steep climbing (500 –900m per day). 6 to 7h walk per day. Sometimes rough or snowy trails.
  • Strenuous+: Altitude above 5000m. Progressive or steep climbing (up to 1000m per day). Up to 7-8h or more walk per day. Basic experience in mountaineering is required and trekkers must be able to use climbing gear such as crampons, ice axes and rope.